First things first. You can’t achieve all those ambitious goals, have a business that runs perfectly without you, or drink champagne whenever you want without a plan. That’s what I am here for.


Crush your goals –  Money, happiness, travel, family, freedom, whatever – you will be prepared with a strategy for task and time management to achieve it all. 

Have systems in place – Whether you want to scale up, step away, or simply gain structure, you will have the tools to make it happen. 

Live your freedom lifestyle – You choose where you spend your time and what you spend it on. 

Let’s get started.


A quick introduction where we work together to create a tailored task list that ensures you stay focused, organized, and goal-oriented.


Includes two in-depth sessions where we evaluate your task and time management, priorities and delegation, as well as strategize your goal trajectory.


Over 3 sessions we get laser focused on your goals and how to achieve them, we strategize your schedule for optimal productivity, and create systems for continued success.


  • Walking into your day feeling prepared and prioritized.
  • Knowing exactly where your time was spent each week.
  • Having a system that structures your day for productivity.
  • Knowing when to delegate and when to automate. ⁣⠀
  • Setting up a business that you can scale and step away from.⁣⠀
  • Finding more hours in a day to crush your goals or sip champagne.

Whether it is scaling your business, starting your side hustle, or simply getting your personal and/or business life on track – EfficiencyBabe is for you.

EfficiencyBabe services focus on 5 key pillars

Systems | Organize | Delegate | Automate | Archive

Using this as my foundation, my mission is to help you: 

  • Define your personal/business goals
  • Develop a strong strategy for prioritization
  • Create a system of task/time management
  • Stay motivated & productive

COMPARE services


  • FREE copy of the EfficiencyBabe Workbook
    • your 17 page guide to creating a task-list that masters efficiency (10$ value)
  • One 20 minute phone coaching call where you choose to discuss either:
    • Pre-game topics:
      • strategy for completing your workbook
      • and/or brief instruction as you work through each section.
    • OR Post-game topics:
      • we review your workbook together
      • & discuss areas where you can improve/clarify/or dive deeper.
      • We can also address any struggles you may have had.
  • EfficiencyBabe Tips & Tricks freebie

C$ 45.00


  • FREE copy of the EfficiencyBabe Workbook
  • Diving Deep Intake form
      •  get more personalized service by answering some key questions before our phone call.
  • Two 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls
    • 1st we will:
        • complete your Workbook together 
        • strategize goal setting/task completion 
        • create a system for time management
        • set priorities and discuss record keeping
    • 2nd we will:
        • review your progress 
        • discuss questions/pain points
        • review goal trajectory
        • determine next steps 
        • leave feeling prepared for success
  • Access to the EfficiencyBabe private Facebook group:
    • a community of like-minded business babes 
    • a place to network and share expertise 
    • a continued resource for information & updates
  • Freebies & discounts!

C$ 175.00


  • Detailed Schedule Analysis
    • You fill out the following 3 templates for us to discuss in our coaching call:
      • 1: current week schedule/activities
      • 2: your short-term ideal schedule
      • 3: your long-term ideal schedule
        • (whether it includes private jets and tv interviews, or family time and vacations – you choose, no limits!) 
  • One 45 minute coaching call where we:
    • review your current schedule & discuss:
      • organization 
      • time-blocking
      • task-management
      • creating systems 
      • delegation & automation
    • strategize shifting from your current to short-term ideal schedule.
    • lastly, we will review your long-term ideal schedule and discuss strategies to achieve all your ambitious goals!
  • Access to monthly MasterClasses (3 months – 100$ value!)
    • hosted live online
    • each class covers a specific theme
    • worksheet to go along with each class 
  • Freebies & discounts!

C$ 445.00

why choose efficiencybabe?

EfficiencyBabe was created out of a passion for all things system and organization related.

I consistently implement all five pillars in my personal and business life, and in doing so I’ve unlocked the code to creating Freedom of Time. 

Women have never been more empowered. We have found our voice and our independence, and we are crushing it in the business world. 



My mission is to ensure that women have the knowledge and resources they need to truly have it all. Whether  it is creating freedom of time to crush more goals or to step away from the hustle and live life on your own terms – I got you. 

As a career academic who worked full time while completing my MSc, I am well versed in efficiency and productivity. I have also created systems for a natural health product company that works with big name brands such as Saje and Happy Planet. 

I am currently working with established healthcare professionals, as well as with small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. 

No matter what your goals are, or where you are starting from, Efficiency Babe is for you. 

- FAQ -

If you live in Canada, you can choose have your session via a phone call, FaceTime, or Skype. 

For anyone outside of Canada, we will be using Skype for our coaching calls. 

Unfortunately there are no upgrades as each service covers a specific topic. However, if you would like to work with me 1:1 you can apply for the Freedom of Time Private Mentorship program!

Yes! The Freedom of Time Private Mentorship program is available by application only. 

Sorry beautiful, but no! 

EfficiencyBabe is committed to providing a high quality and valuable experience, however I want to make sure you are giving your best effort to apply all the strategies given in your call. The results you see will depend on your work ethic and consistency!

That being said – your satisfaction is extremely important to me so I am always ready to go over what didn’t work and answer any questions you may have! 

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