EfficiencyBabe Essential Guide to:

Creating your ultimate business to-do List.​

Invest in becoming organized, prioritizing, and getting shit done... All for the price of a walnut milk latte.

Are you feeling...

Overwhelmed: You have a million tasks. All you can think about while working on one task, is how you should be working the next task. Result: you do all things partially and none of it to the best of your ability. Not ideal. 

Chaotic: You have to search through 3 notebooks, phone notes, scrap papers, an email, and if all else fails – your text messages – to find the incomplete task list you wrote for a random goal.

Unmotivated: you are stressed and overwhelmed, therefore you cannot focus on your tasks and lose momentum in achieving end goals. 

Yes? Then this Workbook is for you. 


  • Set your Mission, Values, & Vision
  • Strategizing Your Goal Trajectory
  • Prioritizing & Time Management Tips
  • Keeping Track of Where You Left Off
  • Keep Consistent With a Daily Habit Tracker
  • & much more!


  • Get a dose of morning inspiration
  • Know where you left off the day before
  • Approach the day organized and focused
  • Know what is priority and what can wait
  • Keep up to date with recurring tasks
  • Visually track your progress towards your ambitious goals


The EfficiencyBabe Guide has been an invaluable tool for my small business. Every day I spend hours sitting at my desk working to grow my company, but at the end of the day the results of my work are often intangible. Before I used the EB Guide, this often led to the feeling of dissatisfaction with my productivity, despite putting hours of work into my business. The EB Guide showed me how to prioritize my task list, how to better track my time and to visualize where I was focusing my energy day to day. The EB Guide is far more than just a template for a ‘to do’ list. It’s given me the ability to easily switch between tasks or projects I have on the go without feeling lost or unproductive. It will always be a valuable resource for both me and my business.

You have ambitious goals, it's time to start prioritizing them.

I hope this post inspired you to take action towards creating your more efficient life where Freedom of Time is your reality. 

I am always here for you if you have more questions, drop me a DM on Instagram (@efficiencybabe) or sign up for my email list below! 

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