Champagne And The City

I am a novelty-seeking, city-living, stiletto-wearing, champagne-obsessed ambivert. Oh, and I also love to put myself in crazy situations and then write everything (yes – everything) down in detail afterwards. No elaboration (as it really isn’t necessary). What started as a journal has now blossomed into something bigger – my personal blog: Champagne And The City.

This is not the diary of a socialite and I will not lead you through a highlight reel. Writing is my passion. The purpose has always been to capture my life in more than just a still frame and provide a permission slip to anyone who needs the push to be whoever the f*** they want. I write with transparency. I flaunt my authenticity in the hopes that it will empower you to challenge the status quo.

My writing is meant to entertain you, shock you, and – most importantly – inspire you to live your Champagne Life.

So – read on, beautiful, it all starts at Column 1. Champagne And The City.