Thursday. I looked up through my mascara darkened lashes at the beautiful blonde bartender who was currently concentrating on pouring two glasses of red wine. I had just taken a seat at the bar of a boutique hotel located in the heart of Montreal and the lounge was empty aside from myself and two men conversing in a secluded booth to my right. The atmosphere was one of luxury, with crystal chandeliers, monochrome accents, and soft lights casting a sultry glow across the room. It was the ideal location for a first rendezvous. 

I placed my charcoal metallic clutch onto the beautiful white granite bar and adjusted my dress with a perfectly manicured hand. Crossing one sky-high black patent stiletto over the heel of the other, I took a moment to appreciate the way the delicate black satin of my dress clung to my curves, accentuating my waist and plunging deep at the neckline. A black lace overlay provided structure and modesty, with a sheer high neck that hinted at the curves beneath. 

My shoulder length, dark chocolate brown hair was straight, voluminous, and side-parted with bangs flowing over my face to create a perfect wave that fell to a highlighted cheekbone. My large, almond-shaped eyes were framed with thick lashes and accentuated only by eyeliner, no eyeshadow, that traced the natural flow of top lashes and extended to a thin point beyond the corner of my eyes. It had taken years of practice to gain that level of cat-eye perfection. My cheeks had a light brushing of blush and my full lips were shaded in with a nude liner and topped with a pale pink gloss, a striking yet somehow subtle contrast against my dark olive skin. A light spritz of Georgia Armani Sí, my signature scent, had been the finishing touch.

Having delivered the wine to the table of two, the bartender now placed a white cocktail napkin lightly down in front of me and asked if she could get me a drink. 

I smiled, “A glass of Champagne, please.”

She hesitated, her body shifting slightly as though she felt awkward, but her eyes didn’t leave my face, 

“You are beautiful.” 

Her statement sounded so genuine that I couldn’t help but smile and look down in self-conscious pleasure. She continued before I could respond, 

“I… I’m sorry, I am not hitting on you…” 

Her embarrassment was evident as she realized she was speaking her mind and potentially being inappropriate with a guest. It was a luxury hotel, after all, propriety is to be expected. Her eyes became frantic as she searched for a way to repair her blunder. I decided to save her by laughing delightedly and telling her that I appreciated the compliment.

“Actually, that was the perfect way to set my mind at ease. So, thank you. I am meeting someone for the first time right now.” 

Sighing with relief, she shook her head and took extra liberty in stating, 

“Well, he will definitely not be disappointed.” 

She placed a glass of Champagne down in front of me. It was in this moment that I realized I hadn’t even considered the chance that my date might be disappointed when he saw me. I guess it was a valid concern for most women on a Tinder date, which in my mind the equivalent of a blind date, yet the idea hadn’t even crossed my mind. I pressed the fluted glass to my pink glossed lips, contemplating how I would respond should that situation occur, when a male in a perfectly tailored suit appeared in the entranceway to my left. 

He scanned the lounge and caught my gaze. His confident demeanour was apparent from across the room and he was direct in his approach towards the bar; towards me. This gorgeous male stopped intimately close and held out his hand, palm facing upwards. He had a small smile on his face and he held my stare. I delicately placed my perfectly manicured hand in his and he lifted it to his lips, lightly brushing a kiss against my olive skin. Charming.

“Selena,” his voice caressed my name, “Trey. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” 

His British accent caught me completely by surprise. An attractive, stylish Arab with a sexy, unexpected accent… I had no chance. Without hesitation he took a seat right beside me, sitting so close that his legs brushed against mine. There was a small, amused smile on my lips as I took a sip of my Champagne. He had confidence and a commanding presence. Good. The bartender looked over at us with a knowing smile on her face and a slight nod of approval for my suitor of the night. Clearly, she felt he was an appropriate date and I happened to agree; he had me entranced within the first few minutes of meeting. 

Trey leaned in towards me as we spoke and I could tell he was intrigued by our immediate exchange of witty remarks and our ability to dive into conversation without any awkwardness. My eyes held his, but I was acutely aware of his appearance. The narrow lapel of his light grey twill Armani blazer hung slightly open to reveal a casually unbuttoned black shirt. He had positioned one of his Prada Saffiano leather penny loafers onto the foot rest of my stool, and his grey slim-fit, cuffed suit pants pulled tight across his well-defined thigh as he pressed his knee against the exposed skin of my leg. Trey’s proximity made it difficult to focus, but I pretended otherwise. He was articulate; his conversation was as fluid in person as it had been over text –  laced with sarcasm yet surprisingly intelligent. Immediately upon sitting he informed me that his colleague would be down in a moment to join us, he was currently experiencing a wardrobe crisis, and then turned towards the bartender to order a double Macallan’s Ruby neat.

It was his first mention of a third addition to our date. This information would have certainly bothered most women, but I felt only excitement. I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend – I was looking for a good time. The inclusion of a second male who I confidently assumed would be as attractive and wealthy as Trey, only added certainty of that outcome. The bartender delivered a crystal tumbler filled with expensive scotch and Trey raised his glass to mine. His almost black irises gazing deep into my gold-flecked, dark brown eyes, we took a celebratory sip to our first rendezvous. A moment of silence passed as we smiled at each other, likely we were both narcissistically commending ourselves on our Tinder prowess, but was quickly interrupted by the approach of a handsome male. 

In contrast to Trey’s dark hair, black eyes, and olive complexion, the new addition to our party was blonde, green-eyed, and golden-tanned. Without even having spoken to him, I could tell by his playful half smile and casual swagger that he was clearly the party vibe to Trey’s sexy vibe. Looking at them side by side, I didn’t know how a girl could choose between them. They were both unfairly attractive. Trey formally introduced me to Liam, his business partner, who immediately pulled me in for an informal hug. 

“You are gorgeous. Well done, Trey. Shall we?” 

Blunt and charmingly inappropriate, I appreciated his presence already. Taking my hand, Liam pulled me towards him, effectively leaving Trey alone at the bar. Laughing, Trey shook his head at his friend and slid a couple hundred-dollar bills towards the waitress without even seeing the bill. He walked away without waiting for his change. I smiled, my kind of man. Liam had led me out the entrance onto the sidewalk and was holding onto my waist as if he never intended to let go. Trey passed by us to open the door of a black luxury car, then stood aside and waited for me to take my seat first. The entire situation was surreal. I wondered how I must appear to the unaware observer: one glamorous female escorted by two gorgeous men. The fashionable attire, the arrogant demeanour…no one would ever suspect my modest background and small-town upbringing.

The car door shut softly behind me. Trey slipped into the front seat as Liam had already stolen the spot beside me and placed his arm around the back of my seat as if I were his date instead of Treys. The boys were intent on experiencing as much of Montreal as possible in the limited time they had. So, rather than select a single bar for the night, we ended up making an appearance at all of the best locations the city had to offer. Paying the bouncers off at every front entrance, not once did we wait in a line to enter an establishment, or to receive our drinks. One drink, one shot, and then back into the car and off towards the next place. 

It wasn’t until we walked into the nightclub Joverse that we decided to stay for more than a moment. Sexy Cuban remixes of popular trap and dubstep songs filled the darkly lit room, which was lined with luxurious leather booths that centered around an oval bar. There were attractive people everywhere, popping bottles or dancing to the seductive beats. It was definitely the busiest place we had been so far, and the elevated, red velvet-roped booths indicated the type of clientele who frequented this location. 

Liam pulled me into his arms immediately, swaying with the music, and I couldn’t help but respond by expertly moving my body in tune with his. I ran my hand down his well-defined abs, smiling as I appreciated his tall, athletic frame, bright green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. The song transitioned into a PartyNextDoor remix and I looked across the crowd, trying to distract myself from wondering what Liam looked like naked. I found Trey in close proximity, smiling and watching me. He was sipping his scotch and holding a glass of Champagne, seemingly unaware of the women beside him trying to get his attention. 

Without a word of warning, I left Liam and headed straight towards Trey. He placed the drinks down on the table and held his hands out for mine. Pulling me in close, he wrapped his arms around my waist as I lightly rested my hands on the back of his neck. There was no hesitation as he leaned in towards me and my pulse quickened as his lips touched mine. His taste was intoxicating and my desire for him was strong. Trey was an amazing kisser and I became lost in the moment for longer than intended. I was not normally one for public displays of affection, especially kissing. Breaking away from his grip at the sound of Liam voice, I took a moment to catch my breath and sip my Champagne. Apparently, it was  almost time for us to move to the next location. 

To my delight, we decided to end the night at a strip club downtown. It wasn’t the best one in Montreal, but it was conveniently close to the hotel. A short drive later, I walked through the front doors of the club as if I owned the place and led my boys straight to three empty front row barstools. The stripper noticed our arrival. As we took our seats she began crawling slowly and, what I assumed was her attempt at seductively, in our direction. 

My excited smile enticing her closer, she pulled herself up directly in front of us and started swaying her hips and gyrating. I grimaced at the sight, but my boys were loving it – laughing and commenting on my ability to draw both men and women in like a magnet. The stripper ignored them and held out her hand for mine. I hesitated. What did she want? Did she want me to give her money, or place my hand in hers? She didn’t give me time to decide. Tracing her fingers down the bare skin of my arm until her hand was on mine, she took it and pulled me upright with surprising force. To my shock, the dark haired stripper motioned for me to come on stage with her. 

Not one for turning down an experience, I allowed her to take my hand and guide me up beside her. Once on stage, she pushed me down until I was laying on my back. She immediately began swaying over top of me and brushing her naked body against mine. The room went insane, yelling and making it rain money on the stage. I turned my head to look at Trey and Liam, both had wide eyes and gaping mouths. Apparently, their surprise had suppressed their ability to catcall. I smiled at them and, having broken their trance, they both started laughing and slapping each other on the back. 

One painful song later, the stripper held out her hand to help me stand. Trey lifted me down from the stage and placed me on the seat beside him, handing me a fresh gin only after stealing a long kiss. Breathless from the excitement I felt at the touch of his lips, I smiled up at him adoringly. Or perhaps it was just tipsy affection. Regardless, he was certainly capable of portraying the perfect boyfriend when he wanted to. Plus, he was just so good-looking. To my dismay,  I barely had time to finish half my gin before the stripper was in front of us again. 

Trey leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I think she likes you.” 

He laughed and I shot him an exasperated smile. Hoping to deter the stripper from any more ideas she might have towards me, I leaned into Trey and kissed him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. She waited and the moment I moved away from Trey, she held her hand out for mine. 

I sighed, once was cute, twice was desperate. But – everyone was watching and calling out encouragement for me to accept. I didn’t want to embarrass her, so I shrugged at Trey and gave the stripper a tight-lipped smile before allowing her to drag me back up onto the stage. This time, she went as far as attempting to brush a kiss against my lips. I was unimpressed and unreceptive. I drew the line at that type of female interaction in general. I kept my blunt comments to myself and settled with an evasion technique, it wasn’t the first time I had to dodge unwanted kisses from someone. 

I survived the song, but I didn’t wait before standing up and basically leaping off the stage into Treys arms. He smiled as he lifted me down, but seeing my less than enthusiastic facial expression he asked if I wanted to head out before the stripper decided on a third round of grinding up against me. I smiled and kissed him, happy that he was observant of my social cues (not like they wer subtle, but we had been drinking). 

Trey took my hand and led me out of the bar, Liam trailing behind us. I had almost forgotten that he was there. We hopped into our black car and, rather than tell them my address, Trey only provided one – back to the hotel. Glancing at me with his mischievous grin, he informed me that I was coming back with him and Liam to indulge in one last bottle of Champagne. Clearly, I couldn’t say no to that offer – it would be rude to turn down bubbles. 

It wasn’t long before we were walking through the front entrance of the hotel and out of the elevator into their luxury suite. Trey immediately went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, popping the top loudly and pouring into flutes that seemed to have appeared from thin air. He handed out the bubbled filled glasses and we clinked them together, celebrating the night. 

At this point, everything was becoming enveloped in a Champagne haze. The lights had been set low and music played softly in the background. The boys had gone onto the balcony to have a cigar, so I made myself comfortable by leaning back into the plush pillows of the king-size bed. Moments later someone climbed onto the bed beside me and pulled me close. I was so tipsy that, at first, I didn’t realize that it was Liam who had crawled into bed with me. It was too dark to see much more than a silhouette and I had just assumed that the person kissing me was Trey. It wasn’t until I went to put my hand against his cheek that I realized it was clean-shaven. Trey had facial hair.  

I immediately pushed Liam away and called for Trey. He didn’t respond.

It wasn’t that I was upset to be kissing Liam, quite the opposite. I was ecstatic that he had the confidence to initiate it, and I was incredibly attracted to him, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my night to a potentially dramatic outburst between two men. I called for Trey again. I could hear Liam behind me, telling me that it was okay and that Trey didn’t mind. I ignored him and called out for Trey once more. When I still did not receive a response, I lifted myself from the silken sheets and went in search of him. I didn’t want Trey to think I had chosen his friend over him. While I was absolutely into the idea of hooking up with them both, I wanted Trey to know that he had priority vote. 

“Liam, I only want Trey,” I said, just loud enough to be heard from the balcony. 

To my delight, Trey emerged from the balcony, cigar still in hand. He was incredibly handsome and his charm was only accentuated by the pleased smile he wore as he walked up to me, standing so close that I had to tilt my head back to meet his eyes. He pushed the hair back from my face before kissing me. Wrapping my arms around his neck I became lost in his kiss, and in response Trey picked me up and balanced me on his hips so I could wrap my legs around him. Walking me over to the bed, he placed me down gently. 

Liam was sipping Champagne and watching us with a smile. I didn’t mind; apparently, neither did Trey. As he went to pour us some more Champagne, he motioned for Liam to keep me… entertained. It was all the confirmation I needed. I shivered with excitement as Liam’s fingers trailed from my hand, up my arm, across my collarbone and along my jaw. He held me tight as he pulled me in for a kiss. Moments later, Trey, looking like Adonis, handed me a glass of Champagne and took his turn to kiss me before I could take a sip. Liam began unzipping the back of my dress as Trey watched, both of them taking a moment to appreciate my white and black lace lingerie underneath. 

Trey, still standing beside the bed, took my face gently in his hands and leaned in to kiss me. Our breathing became heavy and, after taking my glass of Champagne and placing it safely on the table, he pushed me back into the pillows beside Liam. Kissing me deeply, Trey’s body weight held me still as Liam slowly traced his fingers along my hips and then slipped his hand underneath my panties. I squirmed with delight and Trey stopped to take a sip of Champagne while watching Liam slowly pull my lingerie off. 

Trickling some of the bubbles onto my chest, Trey kissed away the liquid until his lips met mine, while Liam simultaneously placed his fingers inside me. My body was bursting with pleasure, I wanted them both so badly. Trey wrapped one arm around my waist to hold me still, kissing me ferociously as Liam placed both his hands on my hips, pressing down while kissing tantalizingly along the lines of my stomach. I gasped at the first burst of pleasure that came from the pulsing moments of Liam’s fingers and tongue between my legs. And then I fully gave in to the moment. All hesitation gone, I lost myself in both of them. 

The end… for now.

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Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions…

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Quote: L.T. Ulrich

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