I left the academic world to pursue novelty and independence, and in the process created a lifestyle where Freedom of Time is my reality.

Two years later, I am building the business of my dreams and providing the tools and education women need to do the same. 

Hi Beautiful,

Thanks for stopping by. 

If you want the short story – I have three passions: 

Champagne + Systems + Novelty

Now feel free to go grab a glass of bubbles and move on with your day. I won’t judge. But, if you did want something a bit more in depth, read on lovely. 

I spent almost a decade in academia before I realized my passion was outside of the books and in the real world. 

I was born in a small town and moved to an even smaller farming community during high school. Yes, clearly my parents were setting me up for success. 

Thanks, Mom.

Here is the cliff note version of my unconventional trajectory:

  • Graduated high school with A’s but no plan (and a minor alcohol problem)
  • Accepted to the only grad school I applied to (not my idea – career counsellor/besties dad for the win)
  • Moved into a dorm at UBC, ready to start my BSc in Biochemistry (because I was good at chemistry + biology)
  • Day 1:  everyone in class raised their hand when prof asked ‘who wants to go to med school’
  • Day 2:  guess I am going to go to medical school 
  • Week 1: failed my first organic chemistry quiz – perfect med student start
  • Year 3: aspiring trauma surgeon fails two med school requirement classes – crushing it
  • Pivot: started my second major in Science Psychology – Forensics 
  • Fell in love with research but was still trying to convince myself med school is for me
  • Finished the rest of my classes with a high GPA, a 1st author publication, & research awards
  • I was accepted to a competitive Masters Program that only took 10% of applicants. 

'The Goal is Freedom of Time.


Which brings me to a major life shift. I had graduated my BSc and was now leaving British Columbia for the first time. I moved to Montreal alone, without knowing anyone and without any money except student loans. I loved it, but it never really felt like I was hitting my true potential. Something was always missing. 

After graduating from my Masters, I was burnt out and uninspired, so I moved to Toronto – my favourite city in Canada (I had only been there once). 

Once again, I was flying solo, not knowing anyone and in massive debt from academia. 

I not only loved it; I thrived in it. How quickly I went from a small town girl with no guidance to an independent woman moving from city to city solo and paving her own way to success.  

I finally felt like I had found myself. I was no longer in an academic bubble and now I could clearly see the world of opportunities outside those McGill brick walls.

It took one walk through the financial district for me to be entranced. Young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, business tycoons – everyone seemed to have purpose and I drank it in with as much excitement as the Champagne I often sipped on the rooftop terrasse of Bisha Hotel. 

Two years later, I am now living in Vancouver and wear the titles Efficiency Expert and founder of EfficiencyBabe proudly. I have embraced entrepreneurship and EfficiencyBabe is only the tip of the iceberg. 

But most importantly – I am living my best life. 

And my story has only just begun.