Have you ever stepped into a place and felt like everything was exactly as it should be?⁣⁣ Energy is on point, work vibe is productive, ambiance matches your mindset – everything is perfect.
I am sure you have at least once. But then – how often do you look to find that exact feeling in another place and fail to find it?

You search ‘best cafes to study’ in Google and get the top ten results that include Starbucks and Tim Hortons – not exactly what you were hoping for.

You search for ‘best date restaurants’ and the you get a mix of random places, most of which you haven’t heard of, with random reviews and tacky food photos.

There is nothing more frustrating than showing up at a place and realizing it not at all what you hoped for.
This is why I created LIV.

To make sure that you will always be confident in your choice of location – for whatever activity you choose.

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