Hi beautiful,

Short story – I have three passions: Champagne + Writing + Novelty.

Now feel free to go grab a glass of bubbles and move on with your day. I won’t judge. But, if you did want something a bit more in depth, read on lovely. 

My story starts when I moved to Montreal in my mid-twenties to finish a Masters Degree (in epidemiology and biostatistics, if you are nerdy interested). I had finally escaped the small town I was raised in and was now living in a city that inspired creativity, passion, and most importantly – authenticity.    

So what was my most authentic self?  A success driven BossBabe (you will not find me pushing a baby stroller and whipping out my sugar daddy’s black Amex) who craves novelty and unconventionality. An entrepreneuress who follows her dreams rather than people’s expectations. A confident woman who lives life unapologetically rather than people pleases. Oh, and a hedonist who prefers sex to committed relationships and was once called ‘monogamish’ (which I think is amusingly accurate). 

But – I went to Montreal to do my MSc… so how does academia fit into all of this? 

To be honest, it doesn’t. I will save you the boredom of reading though a list of accolades, considering everything about the academic part of my life has changed. A year ago, this science nerd ‘extraordinaire’ (I’m actually quite terrible at following conventional University instruction despite finishing an incredibly difficult Masters) took all those pretty degrees off the wall and chose a blank slate instead.  I wanted to follow my true passion – so I did a complete 180.  I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Real talk: I was terrified.

However, the moment I chose to identify as a writer –  I also had never felt more liberated. It was as if I had to ‘come out’ to the world. I was always the academic. I worried about how would I tell everyone that I wanted to switch the surgical blade for a pen and a blank page? I could already see the disappointment painting the faces of the people who had always seen me as ‘the aspiring physician’. When I finally found the courage to tell my closest friends and family – I rushed to explain my decision in hopes that a speedy delivery would somehow help me avoid their anticipated negative response. I could already hear their doubt and disdain.  But – it didn’t happen.  Instead I received love, support, and unexpected validation.

But – it didn’t happen. Instead I received love, support, and unexpected validation.

Now I am embrace who I am: an Experience Enhancing, Champagne Drinking, Novelty Seeking Entrepreneuress. 

You are here to see an empire being built. I want my journey to inspire you. I want my stories to entertain you, my confidence to empower you, and my boldness to embolden you. I will give you the tools to create strong relationships, to live your life to the fullest, and to enhance every experience. 

I will show you how to live your Champagne Life.

So BossBabes, let’s raise our champagne glasses:

“Cheers to the ladies who live their lives authentically, passionately, and unapologetically”.