April status: spring cleaning my life. 

The combination of the city, sunshine, and external motivation (compliments of the @thechampagnediet ‘Style Your Mind’ episode about Spring Cleaning Your Spirit as well as all the BossBabe Webinars and podcasts) had me completely inspired. My confidence was sky high and I was ready to evolve in a big way. 

Since moving to Vancouver I have been actively working on four major areas in my life:

1. My career:  the transition from academia to creative author and entrepreneur. 

2. My body: between hot yoga (Modo), spin class (Soul Cycle), and marathon training I was quickly getting back to my peak fitness.

3. My inner circle: I have fully removed the negative energy people in my life and replaced with positive vibes only.

4. My mind: I have experienced massive emotional growth (hello Saturn return and male relationships in my life). 

But, there is another area of my life that I am focusing on…

Something that excites me more than anything: 

5. My location. 

While Vancouver provides the foundation for changes 1-4 listed above, I still think of my time in this city as a transition period. I can feel a magnetic pull towards novelty. The excitement of a new city. The freedom of a fresh start. There is so much to do and see, so many new people to meet. I love finding the best cafés to write in and the most glamorous hotel bars to have a solo glass of Champagne at. I love walking the city and taking note of all the restaurants I plan to try, which is always the ones with the best terraces and most beautiful interiors. 

Why the change, yet again? Because I love building a new life. 

And I knew how to do it. The execution might be a little difficult… but that hasn’t stopped me before. It is my way of evolving, embracing change, and keeping a level of excitement and novelty in my life that perpetuates my happiness. Every. Single. Day. 

Although, it isn’t necessarily difficult for me to find excitement in the city I reside in. Take Montreal for example. I dated like crazy, and also had crazy first dates… such as the one with Trey (Column 1.) and Liam (Column 2.) where we ended up at the strippers (Column 3.)… 

So, let’s see how that night progressed. 

People who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.   
Mae West


Thursday. Champagne and the City continued…

To my shock, the dark haired stripper motioned for me to come on stage with her. 

Not one for turning down an experience, I allowed her to take my hand and guide me up beside her. Once on stage, she pushed me down until I was laying on my back. She immediately began swaying over top of me and brushing her naked body against mine. The room went insane, yelling and making it rain money on the stage. I turned my head to look at Trey and Liam, both had wide eyes and gaping mouths. Apparently, their surprise had suppressed their ability to catcall. I smiled at them and, having broken their trance, they both started laughing and slapping each other on the back. 

One painful song later, the stripper held out her hand to help me stand. Trey lifted me down from the stage and placed me on the seat beside him, handing me a fresh gin only after stealing a long kiss. Breathless from the excitement I felt at the touch of his lips, I smiled up at him adoringly. Or perhaps it was just tipsy affection. Regardless, he was certainly capable of portraying the perfect boyfriend when he wanted to. Plus, he was just so good-looking. To my dismay,  I barely had time to finish half my gin before the stripper was in front of us again. 

Trey leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I think she likes you.” 

He laughed and I shot him an exasperated smile. Hoping to deter the stripper from any more ideas she might have towards me, I leaned into Trey and kissed him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. She waited and the moment I moved away from Trey, she held her hand out for mine. 

I sighed, once was cute, twice was desperate. But – everyone was watching and calling out encouragement for me to accept. I didn’t want to embarrass her, so I shrugged at Trey and gave the stripper a tight-lipped smile before allowing her to drag me back up onto the stage. This time, she went as far as attempting to brush a kiss against my lips. I was unimpressed and unreceptive. I drew the line at that type of female interaction in general. I kept my blunt comments to myself and settled with an evasion technique, it wasn’t the first time I had to dodge unwanted kisses from someone. 

I survived the song, but I didn’t wait before standing up and basically leaping off the stage into Treys arms. He smiled as he lifted me down, but seeing my less than enthusiastic facial expression he asked if I wanted to head out before the stripper decided on a third round of grinding up against me. I smiled and kissed him, happy that he was observant of my social cues (not like they wer subtle, but we had been drinking). 

Trey took my hand and led me out of the bar, Liam trailing behind us. I had almost forgotten that he was there. We hopped into our black car and, rather than tell them my address, Trey only provided one – back to the hotel. Glancing at me with his mischievous grin, he informed me that I was coming back with him and Liam to indulge in one last bottle of Champagne. Clearly, I couldn’t say no to that offer – it would be rude to turn down bubbles. 

It wasn’t long before we were walking through the front entrance of the hotel and out of the elevator into their luxury suite. Trey immediately went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, popping the top loudly and pouring into flutes that seemed to have appeared from thin air. He handed out the bubbled filled glasses and we clinked them together, celebrating the night. 

At this point, everything was becoming enveloped in a Champagne haze. The lights had been set low and music played softly in the background. The boys had gone onto the balcony to have a cigar, so I made myself comfortable by leaning back into the plush pillows of the king-size bed. Moments later someone climbed onto the bed beside me and pulled me close. I was so tipsy that, at first, I didn’t realize that it was Liam who had crawled into bed with me. It was too dark to see much more than a silhouette and I had just assumed that the person kissing me was Trey. It wasn’t until I went to put my hand against his cheek that I realized it was clean-shaven. Trey had facial hair.  

I immediately pushed Liam away and called for Trey. He didn’t respond.


The lights are down low. 
Bottles of Veuve are on ice. 
You are alone in a hotel room. 
With two men. 

I guess that could sound rather ominous, when I put it that way. 

Let me rewrite the last line. 

*With two gorgeous men. 

Sound better? It does to me, which maybe isn’t saying much lol. But, in my defence, this isn’t a foreign circumstance to me. I couldn’t count how many times I have placed myself in situations that most would evaluate as… dangerous, or at the very least uncomfortable. Call me lucky, but I would like to equate it to two things: 

Intuition and confidence. 

I assess things before I agree to them. I follow my intuition and have a talent for identifying situations I should avoid due to danger or unpredictability. You need to trust in yourself – but only if you are certain of your motives (i.e self preservation vs. people pleasing; confidence vs. cowardice; authority vs. subservience). 

Have I always felt safe? No – but I’ve always felt in control. And that is the key difference. I would never enter into something where I felt lack of control. 

With Trey and Liam, it was completely natural and expected that this would happen at the end of the night. I wasn’t too drunk, I wasn’t being coerced, I had willingly gone back to their hotel with them in the hopes that something like this would happen. But only according to my rules. And I definitely have them. 

How do you feel about this situation? Do you feel as though I am being taken advantage of or in control? I wouldn’t blame you if you were a bit skeptical. After all, this is the first story I’ve told you – but hold tight beautiful – there are many more stories like this to come. 

But first… you’ll have to find out how the story ends in Column 5. Champagne And The City. 

Á lundi! 

Marisa xo

Illustration credit: Megan Hess; @meganhess_official

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