Spring vibes. 

After a morning walking across downtown Vancouver, Cashew Latte smoothie in one hand and a cute boys hand the other, I couldn’t help but be taken away by the beauty of this panoramic ocean view city. 

I had always been hesitant to move to Vancouver. After graduating from UBC Kelowna, I had immediately moved to Montreal. It was the first big city I had lived in and I was hooked from the beginning. After completing my Masters, I sold everything I owned, traipsed across the country to Kelowna, then immediately moved to Toronto – my favourite city in Canada. After two years in Toronto, however, I realized that I still craved something different. A new challenge. The last major city in Canada that I hadn’t lived in yet was Vancouver. So, once again, I sold all of my things, packed a suitcase, got in my car (Whispy riding shotgun) and drove across the USA. 

And now, here I am. Almost a year into Vancouver life, appreciating the beauty but still feeling… antsy. I knew this location wouldn’t be permanent, despite it being closest to all my family; I had my sights set on a European destination. 

Paris, perhaps? Maybe…Budapest? 

My confidence knows no bounds, so I would have zero issues picking a random city where I knew no one and building a life from scratch (probably just to move another two years later, let’s be real). 

Regardless of where I end up, Montreal had given me a taste of culture and excitement, so naturally I was fiending for another fix. 

After all, unexpected situations like a first Tinder date (Column 1.) that included an impromptu addition of a second gorgeous male (Column 2.) tended to be the norm when I lived in Montreal. 

As well as one other thing… 

Either write things worth reading,  
or do things worth writing.  


Thursday. Champagne and the City continued…

The car door shut softly behind me. Trey slipped into the front seat as Liam had already stolen the spot beside me and placed his arm around the back of my seat as if I were his date instead of Treys. The boys were intent on experiencing as much of Montreal as possible in the limited time they had. So, rather than select a single bar for the night, we ended up making an appearance at all of the best locations the city had to offer. Paying the bouncers off at every front entrance, not once did we wait in a line to enter an establishment, or to receive our drinks. One drink, one shot, and then back into the car and off towards the next place. 

It wasn’t until we walked into the nightclub Joverse that we decided to stay for more than a moment. Sexy Cuban remixes of popular trap and dubstep songs filled the darkly lit room, which was lined with luxurious leather booths that centered around an oval bar. There were attractive people everywhere, popping bottles or dancing to the seductive beats. It was definitely the busiest place we had been so far, and the elevated, red velvet-roped booths indicated the type of clientele who frequented this location. 

Liam pulled me into his arms immediately, swaying with the music, and I couldn’t help but respond by expertly moving my body in tune with his. I ran my hand down his well-defined abs, smiling as I appreciated his tall, athletic frame, bright green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. The song transitioned into a PartyNextDoor remix and I looked across the crowd, trying to distract myself from wondering what Liam looked like naked. I found Trey in close proximity, smiling and watching me. He was sipping his scotch and holding a glass of Champagne, seemingly unaware of the women beside him trying to get his attention. 

Without a word of warning, I left Liam and headed straight towards Trey. He placed the drinks down on the table and held his hands out for mine. Pulling me in close, he wrapped his arms around my waist as I lightly rested my hands on the back of his neck. There was no hesitation as he leaned in towards me and my pulse quickened as his lips touched mine. His taste was intoxicating and my desire for him was strong. Trey was an amazing kisser and I became lost in the moment for longer than intended. I was not normally one for public displays of affection, especially kissing. Breaking away from his grip at the sound of Liam voice, I took a moment to catch my breath and sip my Champagne. Apparently, it was  almost time for us to move to the next location. 

To my delight, we decided to end the night at a strip club downtown. It wasn’t the best one in Montreal, but it was conveniently close to the hotel. A short drive later, I walked through the front doors of the club as if I owned the place and led my boys straight to three empty front row barstools. The stripper noticed our arrival. As we took our seats she began crawling slowly and, what I assumed was her attempt at seductively, in our direction. 

My excited smile enticing her closer, she pulled herself up directly in front of us and started swaying her hips and gyrating. I grimaced at the sight, but my boys were loving it – laughing and commenting on my ability to draw both men and women in like a magnet. The stripper ignored them and held out her hand for mine. I hesitated. What did she want? Did she want me to give her money, or place my hand in hers? She didn’t give me time to decide. Tracing her fingers down the bare skin of my arm until her hand was on mine, she took it and pulled me upright with surprising force. To my shock, the dark haired stripper motioned for me to come on stage with her. 


Ahhh Montreal, you certainly know how to show a girl a good time. 

You also know how to test a girls confidence. 

Imagine what it would be like, sitting along perv row in your cute little black dress, sky-high stilettos, and a gorgeous man on each arm… only to have a scantily clad, raven haired female reach her hand out for yours. 

What would be running through your mind? 

Perhaps concern about what your date would think, or fear of embarrassing yourself in front of the audience. Maybe you’d be terrified that she would try to take your clothes off as well, encourage you to dance, or – worse – attempt a move on the pole? 

In my opinion: 

If you are into it – get your cute ass up on that stage girl and give no fucks as to what anyone thinks. 

If you aren’t into it – that’s cool to, there’s no shame in a little self preservation. 

But – if you think you would decide to stay seated, I ask that you be honest with yourself about something: Why wouldn’t you do it? Is the fear of judgement, ridicule, or disdain holding you back? If that’s your answer, I hope the rest of my Champagne and the City story encourages you otherwise. 

So – curious about how I reacted?  

You’ll have to wait until next week to find that out, lovely.

Marisa xo

Illustration credit: Megan Hess; @meganhess_official

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